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Searching for things to do in Torquay and Devon? Come to Torquay Museum and enjoy all the fun and family activities we have to offer - exhibitions, activities, events, lectures, outdoor activities and more!


Tis the Season: Christmas Fair at Torquay Museum

3rd Dec - 10th Dec 2022

Feel festive with TWO Christmas days out for the whole family!


Talk: Tropical Rainforests

6th Dec 2022, 10:45 am

An explanation of how rainforests are organised and how these enormously complex environments tick. 


Talk: The Physics of Piracy

7th Dec 2022, 10:45 am

Do pirate movies get the science right? Have you ever wondered if pirates needed gold and silver for more than just their riches? Perhaps humble pirates know more about the physics of piracy than might appear at first sight? Nautical Engineer and thespian Dr Johnty Depp will take his audience on a unique journey through the worlds of piracy and physics - unusual bedfellows. 

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