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Find out how the climate and inhabitants of South Devon have evolved over the last half a million years in our Ancestors Gallery. Follow the changes from hippos to woolly mammoths and Neanderthals to the first modern humans. 

For a limited time only, come and meet Rho, our Ice Age hunter transported to the Museum from 20,000 years ago! This spectacular film costume is from the 2018 Palaeolithic drama film Alpha.




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Our central exhibit enables visitors to have a go on the ‘Forensics CSI’ table and explore how scientists investigate prehistoric bones and other finds. You can also find out about the science behind the dating of North West Europe’s oldest human specimen – the famous Kent's Cavern jawbone. 




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Around 41,000 years ago, modern humans (Homo sapiens) sought shelter in the entrance of Kent's Cavern. At least one never left it. This fragment of upper jawbone, now known as KC4, is the oldest Homo sapiens fragment ever found in Britain. 



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