During October Half-Term the Museum will be open Mon-Sat.


calendar21st Oct 2023, 10:00 am - 18th Feb 2024, 4:00 pm

FREE with a valid Museum ticket

Unlock the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphs and discover how their decipherment revealed three thousand years of human history.

Between March 2023 and February 2024, the fascinating story of how hieroglyphs were decoded will be celebrated in a national touring exhibition with Torquay Museum being the last stop on the tour. This follows the major show at the British Museum, marking the bicentenary of this breakthrough.

The family-friendly touring exhibition incorporates interactive elements to tell the story. It introduces visitors to great pioneers like Jean-Francois Champollion, who undertook revolutionary work on deciphering the ancient Egyptian language. Objects on display include an extract from the Book of the Dead, belonging to the priestess Nestanebetisheru, and a large limestone lintel revealing the name of Pharoah Ramses III. Join us on a journey to unearth the central role hieroglyphs played in the life and afterlife of the ancient Egyptians.

October Half Term

Booking a time slot for the exhibition for October Half Term (21 - 28 October) is strongly recommended through ART TICKETS. Please arrive at the exhibition entrance at the time indicated on your ticket. If you miss your time slot and the exhibition is busy, you may be asked to return at a later time. Entry to the exhibition requires a valid Museum ticket which you can also book through ART TICKETS.


On Saturday 21 October, a special talk by Dr Ilona Regulski (the Curator of Egyptian Written Culture at the British Museum) is going to take place in Pengelly Hall. The lecture is FREE to attend (suggested donation £3), however, booking is essential as the capacity of the hall is limited. More information can be found HERE.

Top image: Limestone lintel of Ramses III © 2023 The Trustees of the British Museum

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Torquay Museum was chosen from a big group of applicants as a host venue for spectacular touring exhibition that explores the decoding of hieroglyphs. If Ancient Egypt is your passion and you would like exclusive access...

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