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The Collection

The collection includes some very interesting items, including the mummified body of a young boy from around 600 BC and an anthropoid coffin complete with inscription dating to the New Kingdom, which is one of the finest coffins in a regional Museum in the UK. The mummy of the boy has been scanned and x-rayed to determine his age (thought to be between 2 & 4 years old) and mummification technique and this information helped to create a reconstruction of him which now stands within the gallery. Recent research on his coffin has shown it  to be a very high status reuse from the early 18th Dynasty, whose previous occupant may have been the child of Royalty.

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Torquay Museum

Other wonderful things on display

Other items on display also include a mummified hand, bronzes, amulets, shabti figures, including a wooden example from the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I accurately dated to 1291 - 1278 BC and Coptic textiles. Recently rediscovered are six small steatite scarabs from Tell Fara, a site excavated by Flinders Petrie.











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