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KS3 Home Education - Humanities - In the footsteps of Ruffian Dick

calendarFrom: 27th Jun 2024

Join Claire from our Education Team to follow 'In the Footsteps of Ruffian Dick - a series of humanities sessions exploring the 19th-century character behind many of the museum's Explorer's Galley artefacts and his travels in Asia, Africa and Arabia.'


Thursday 27th Jun -

In session 2 we'll continue our study of Indian artefacts at the museum, focusing on the life of Siddhartha Gautama - The Buddha - and his teachings, known as The Four Noble Truths. Children will be encouraged to consider their own thoughts on what the Buddha called the Three Marks of Life: annica (everything changes), dukkha (dissatisfaction or suffering) and anatta (no permanent self or soul). We'll examine and draw Buddhist shrines and sacred places, noticing how they differ throughout Asia. Children who made board games in the previous session will have the opportunity to play them during this session, introducing the rules to any newcomers.

The workshop is aimed at children aged 11 - 14 (KS3). Each family group requires a participating adult to remain with the children throughout.

Prompt 10.15am Health and Safety/Introduction, workshop until 12.15pm. Lunch space available afterwards for those who wish to spend time exploring the museum before or after their workshop.

The maximum number of children per session 15, with a minimum of 12 children required for a session to run.
Cost £7 per child, adults free. Must be booked in advance.
Each person attending requires a valid museum ticket. Torquay Museum tickets last for a whole year - 20 % discount for those living with a TQ postcode.
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