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Insect in Amber Soap Workshop

calendar27th May, 10:15 am - 27th May 2023, 12:15 pm

£2 per person, a valid Museum ticket is required

Have you ever seen an insect fossilised in amber?

Amber is tree sap that has hardened over a very long time, and there are many specimens that have perfectly preserved insects suspended inside the stone – we have some amazing millions of years old specimens in our Six-Legged Superheroes: Insects Saving the Planet Exhibition! Because amber preserves insects so flawlessly and for so long, scientists have used it to learn about some of the earliest ecosystems.

This soap-er fun workshop replicates amber fossils and when complete you’ll be able to hold your fossil up to the light to look at your hand-decorated insect trapped inside.

Come join a morning session before leaving your Insects in Amber Soap to set while you spend time in the amazing new Six-Legged Superheroes: Insects Saving the Planet Exhibition!

Be aware that younger children will need adult supervision during this session as melted soap can get extremely hot and cause burns on skin.

All events and activities require a valid Museum ticket, which gives you unlimited entry to the Museum for a year!


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