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Egyptian Hieroglyphs Crowdfunding Campaign

calendar1st Aug, 10:00 am - 21st Oct 2023, 4:00 pm

Between 21st October 2023 and 18th February 2024, the fascinating story of how hieroglyphs were decoded will be celebrated in a national touring exhibition Egyptian hieroglyphs: unlock the mystery with Torquay Museum being the last stop on the tour. This follows the major show at the British Museum, marking the bicentenary of this breakthrough.

The family-friendly touring exhibition incorporates interactive elements to tell the story. It introduces visitors to great pioneers like Jean-Francois Champollion, who undertook revolutionary work on deciphering the ancient Egyptian language. Objects on display include an extract from the Book of the Dead, belonging to the priestess Nestanebetisheru, and a large limestone lintel revealing the name of Pharoah Ramses III. Join us on a journey to unearth the central role hieroglyphs played in the life and afterlife of the ancient Egyptians.


Help Us Bring the Exhibition to Torquay

The British Museum with the support of the Dorset Foundation in memory of Harry M. Weinrebe, kindly funds many of the direct costs associated with the loan of the exhibition including transport and graphic design. However, some costs such as printing of the interpretation panels still have to be covered by Torquay Museum. We also had to commission two new display cases for some of the objects that will be part of the show. If we reach our target, we will be able to cover some of the following costs. 

Breakdown of the Costs:
  • Two high-spec display cases - £1,700
  • Printing and installation of interpretation - £2,000
  • Carpenter to help us install interactive elements - £300
  • Storage of crates - £750
  • Paint - £100
  • Calibration of two humidity sensors - £60

Torquay Museum is a registered charity and doesn't receive any funding from central government. We rely on admissions income to care for our unique collections and any large spend is an obstacle. We are committed to bringing nationally significant exhibitions to Torbay, these enhance the cultural offer for both local people and visitors and help put Torbay on the map as a destination for cultural tourism which helps the local economy. And that's why we need your help!


Become Part of the Exhibition

As part of this crowdfunding campaign, we are offering a unique opportunity to sponsor one of the spectacular objects that will be on loan from the British Museum. These include a limestone lintel of Ramses II and a section of the Book of the Dead of Nestanebetisheru. All objects available to sponsor can be found on our Crowdfunding page. We are also offering unique rewards for those who can help us. Apart from an annual ticket to the Museum, a goodie bag with some merchandise provided by the British Museum and an invitation to an exclusive private view, your name will also be mentioned on the acknowledgments panel in the exhibition space and on our website. We also welcome local businesses to sponsor an object and as a thank you we will promote your generosity on our social media. If you can’t afford to sponsor an object, you can still give us a small donation to help us reach our £2,500 target. Every pound counts!

The accompanying hardback title to the British Museum exhibition Hieroglyphs: unlocking ancient Egypt. This catalogue will be signed by the exhibition's curator Ilona Regulski from the British Museum and offered as part of several rewards. 










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Sponsor an Object

This limestone ancestor bust of Miteminet is available to sponsor as part of the campaign. © 2023 The Trustees of the British Museum















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We would like to thank the following for their support

  • Lecia Foston - pledged £300
  • Barney Horne - pledged £200
  • Bjorn Lauer - pledged £200
  • Lynda Ewing - pledged £200
  • Wendy Hillgrove - pledged £200
  • Kenneth Cowling - pledged £150
  • Singing Frog Publishing - pledged £100
  • Michael Pryce - pledged £40
  • Caroline Faisey - £40
  • David Edge - pledged £40
  • James Gordon Longworth - pledged £20
  • Alison Bayliss - pledged £20
  • Caroline Emery - pledged £20
  • Treat Marketing on Beacon Quay - pledged £20
  • Lynne Kenderdine - pledged £10
  • Fiona Carr - pledged £10
  • Duncan Webster - pledged £10
  • Sue Benson - pledged £5
  • Vicki Hall - pledged £5
  • Helena Jaeschke - pledged £5

Also a big thanks to all supporters of our Crowdfunding Campaign who wish to remain anonymous. 

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Egyptian Hieroglyphs Crowdfunding Campaign

Torquay Museum was chosen from a big group of applicants as a host venue for spectacular touring exhibition that explores the decoding of hieroglyphs. If Ancient Egypt is your passion and you would like exclusive access...

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