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Adopt the Twelve Objects of Christmas

calendar16th Nov, 12:00 pm - 16th Dec 2023, 4:00 pm

Help Support the Museum for Christmas

Christmas is a time when communities come together and people choose to support their favourite charity to spread joy and hope. This year, Torquay Museum – one of the oldest local charities needs your help too and it is offering unique gifts in return. Twelve of the Museum's most treasured objects are offered for adoption for a year.

No matter what your interests there is something for you to adopt for yourself or give as a gift for a loved one, and it will come with yearly passes to the Museum and our guidebooks so you can visit your object or see our temporary exhibitions anytime you wish. 

The Museum’s remit is to collect and preserve the natural and human heritage of Torbay. Our core funding has been static for many years but our costs continue to rise and looking after and engaging people with the 400 million years of Torbay’s extraordinary past is becoming more and more of a challenge. Our insurance bill for one year alone is £12,000! 

With this in mind, we really need the community people to get behind the Museum and help us a little by adopting some of our most fabulous local objects.

Torquay Museum

Cockington Gold Ring

Objects for adoption can be found in almost all of our galleries starting with the entrance hall which has some amazing treasures in it. For a truly Christmassy object, you can adopt one of the gold late 16th-century posy rings found at Cockington, believed to have belonged to Wilmotta, the wife of Sir George Cary. This is perfect as a romantic gift as the inscription reads “no treasure to a true friend”. 

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Torquay Museum

Torquay Marble Plaque of Babbacombe Beach

If the local geology is more of to your interest why not adopt our famous marble plaque of Babbacome Beach, which is also in the entrance hall.  This remarkable object, of the highest craftsmanship was almost certainly made at Woodley’s in Torquay and is featured on the cover of our guidebook.  






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Torquay Museum

KC4 - Britain's First Modern Human

The Museum’s unparalleled collections from the Ice Age are also there. You can adopt a wolf skull which is in our Time Art Gallery, found at Kent’s Cavern or our most famous exhibit, KC4 a jawbone fragment of Britain’s first anatomically modern human in our Ancestors Gallery.



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Hercule Poirot's Swan Cane

Of course we couldn’t leave out Torquay’s most famous daughter Agatha Christie. If your passion is for the ‘Queen of Crime’ why not adopt the Swan cane used by David Suchet from ITVs Poirot TV series or Joan Hickson’s costume and knitting from the BBCs Miss Marple. 


There are many more items to adopt just visit the Museum’s website or Crowdfunder page to discover them all. When you adopt an object we will place a special label with the object for a year saying who adopted it and we will send you a unique Christmas card featuring your object with your other rewards.     





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